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  • By merging three flour millers that buyers have trusted for decades, we created a new company that feels like an old friend. Today, Grain Craft is the largest independent flour miller in the nation, offering you premium bulk and bagged flours for the baking, foodservice and pizza industries — including custom proprietary blends. In total, we can efficiently serve you through 15 milling facilities spread out coast to coast. But far more important than Grain Craft's production capacity is our unmatched capacity to serve your needs.

    Just as you counted on Cereal Food Processors, Milner Milling and PFM to provide you with the personal attention you deserve, you can depend on Grain Craft to do the same. Because our mission isn't simply to put a lot more flour at your service, it's to provide a lot more service with your flour.


  • By uniting Cereal Food Processors, Milner Milling and PFM under the Grain Craft name, we've brought together three respected companies with rich milling histories. Although their backgrounds and regions vary, each company shared core values about how to service your needs and how to conduct business the right way. Today, these core values form the very foundation of Grain Craft.

  • Cereal Food Processors Inc.

    Founded in 1972, Cereal Food Processors grew steadily over the years to include 10 U.S. milling facilities stretching from Portland to Cleveland and serving a wide range of market segments. With a daily capacity of 101,760 CWTS of flour, Cereal Food Processors was the nation's largest independent flour milling company and the fourth-largest wheat miller.

    At the heart of the company's success was its commitment to enhance service and improve efficiencies by investing in the company's facilities. Cereal Food Processors pledge to continually improve its products and services is still a fundamental desire for Grain Craft today.

  • Milner Milling

    Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Milner Milling offered mill locations in Barnesville and Rome, GA, as well as Birmingham, AL. Combined with sister company PFM, Milner was the 7th-largest flour miller in the U.S. and supplied bulk and bag flour to a diverse range of food manufactures and foodservice customers.

    Milner Milling strongly believed that people, not buildings or equipment, determined whether an organization would succeed. By living up to this philosophy every day, Milner Milling created a customer-centered, can-do culture that still lives on through Grain Craft.

  • Pendleton Flour Mills LLC

    Amazingly, the roots of PFM reach back to 1910, when the company sold bagged flour under the name Fisher Flour in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, PFM developed a strong distribution network that evolved to specialize in bulk shipments via trucks, rail and ocean containers. Today, PFM is known for its highly successful Power and Mondako brands, along with its dedication to providing personalized customer service and superior products — including premium hard & soft wheat flour, and proprietary blends manufactured specifically to meet customers' needs.

    So, while you won't see the name PFM in the coming months, you will see PFM's personalized customer service and total commitment to your success in everything we do, every day, at Grain Craft.


At Grain Craft, we believe that people, not the building or equipment determine whether an organization will succeed. Our culture is based on a high performance organization philosophy which cultivates an environment of achieving exceptional performance through the highest of expectations.

What does this mean for our customers? High expectations for ourselves equals high performance. It's this performance that has fostered strong relationships and customer service at all levels with our customers.

News & Events

Grain Craft Selected as Featured Supplier with New Bread Launch

April 12, 2018 Grain Craft is proud to be partnering with Franz Bakery in the launch of their new brand, Naked Bread. The Naked Bread brand focuses on simple and essential ingredients and will further enhance their strong line of baked goods.

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Grain Craft Announces the Addition of Three New Positions

March 19, 2018 Grain Craft is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to their team. David (Dave) Krishock joins the company as the Bakery Technical Support Manager, Preston Powell has been named Account Executive and Natalie Faulkner joins as Sr. Communications Manager.

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Grain Craft closes Salt Lake City flour mill

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Grain Craft Continues to Sponsor KSU Football Program

Grain Craft response to recent consumer product recalls for undeclared peanut allergen

April 26, 2016 Grain Craft does not manufacture or produce any consumer products at the South Georgia mill, nor does Grain Craft use or produce peanut or any peanut products in any of our facilities at any time. We are a supplier of milled wheat to food and baking companies across the U.S. We have been working with our customers and the FDA ....

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Entrepreneurial spirit, ambition glow brightly at Grain Craft

Chattanooga, TN, July 27, 2015: For the top executives of Grain Craft, its acquisition of Cereal Food Processors, Inc. in 2014 is not viewed as the finish line, but as yet another step in building milling's leader...

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Grain Craft K-State vs. OU Football Sponsorship

Grain Craft Announce Quality Team

Chattanooga, TN, September 10, 2015: Grain Craft announces the creation of a new Customer Quality Team. This high performance team combines individual core strengths and skills pertaining to wheat quality, flour quality and baking quality resulting in a “farm to fork”/”wheat to bread” system.

Reuben McLean is the new Director of Wheat Quality & Food Safety. He started his 19 year career at Pendleton Flour Mills as a QA manager in the Blackfoot, ID facility and most recently worked as the Manager of Quality & Audit Compliance. Reuben also spent 4 years working with the University of Idaho Wheat Breeding Program. With a B.S. in Crop Science from Utah State University and a Master's in Plant Science from the University of Idaho, Reuben has a rich background in wheat varieties and agricultural practices.

Tim Aschbrenner is the new Director of Flour Quality. He started his career at Cereal Food Processors as the Elevator & Quality Control Manager. Tim has held several positions at the Wichita, KS facility and most recently was working as the Director of Quality Assurance. Tim has a B.S. in Milling Science and Management from Kansas State University and brings 35 years of milling expertise to this role.

Charlie Nave is the new Director of Baking Quality. He has over 38 years of experience in the baking industry. Charlie began his career at Campbell Taggart as Assistant Superintendent and Director of Manufacturing. Charlie was then Plant Manager at Meyers Bakery in Hope, AK and also worked with Sara Lee Foodservice. He joined Milner Milling in 2004 as Director of Technical Services.

About Grain Craft

Grain Craft was created in May 2014 by combining three of the nation's top independent flour milling companies - Cereal Food Processors, Milner Milling, Inc. and Pendleton Flour Mills - to become the 3rd largest U.S. flour miller.

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Milner Milling, PFM & Cereal Food Processors become Grain Craft

Chattanooga, TN, May 12, 2014: The owners of Milner Milling Inc. & Pendleton Flour Mills LLC announce the purchase acquisition of Cereal Food Processors is finalized. The three (3) companies will be brought together to form a new company named Grain Craft headquartered in Chattanooga, TN.

Combining three of the nation's top independent flour milling companies, Grain Craft serves customers in the baking and food industries across the country and is the 3rd largest U.S. flour miller. The Grain Craft national footprint consists of 16 mill locations in 11 states with a total daily capacity of 166,260 cwts.

The entire Grain Craft team is dedicated to long term customer relationships by continuously improving our responsiveness, flexibility and manufacturing excellence. “All three companies have similar beliefs and philosophies about how to service the customer and how to do business; these core values will only grow stronger as we become one company,” says CEO, Charles Stout.

We look forward to building on the tradition and heritage of all three of these great companies while creating a new leader in the flour milling industry.

FourBridges acted as exclusive financial advisor to Milner Milling Inc. and Pendleton Flour Mills LLC on the transaction.

About Milner Milling/Pendleton Flour Mills

Milner Milling is a privately owned flour milling company headquartered in Chattanooga, TN. Pendleton Flour Mills LLC (PFM) was formed by joining two prominent milling companies in the Pacific Northwest and professionally managed from Chattanooga, TN.

About Cereal Food Processors

Cereal Food Processors, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Mission Woods, KS. Cereal Food Processors has grown through acquisitions and expansions steadily over the years, serving customers with excellence and integrity.

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